Fool's Gold

Written By: Nicole Mariee

Intro: I thought you were my everything, the sun and the moon, and the stars too. I believed in what you told me, when you said, you could rescue me!

Verse 1: I fell for his fool's gold and all the clever lies he told, he had me sold, from day one let me tell you; don't fall for his games, he'll chew you up and spit you out like a bad taste in your mouth he was cunning, like a wolf in sheep's clothing

Chorus: I fell for his fool's gold many times before, and it's so sad because I fell again, into this black hole that was so intense, I couldn't escape no matter what I did, but I am done, falling for your fool's gold today I walk away

Verse 2: You played me like a fool, after all the things I've done for you, it was all a facade, but tonight I'll pray to God, for your peace of mind, cause after what you did who could? I won't compromise this life, you've become desensitized, with this way of living life!


Verse 3: Smoking mirrors, I thought the grass was greener, on the other side


Here With Me

Production by Classic Avenue Media Group. Written by Amber Austin & Nicole Mariee

Verse 1: Baby pick up the phone, I really need company (of your love and your touch) said we haven't linked up in a long time, you always stay on my mind, so come through I really wanna see you

Chorus: I need you here with me, I just really need the company bring me to life and set me free, boy I need you here with me (here with me) I need you here with me I just really need the company, captivate my mind and set me free, boy I need you, boy I need you

Verse 2: Baby tonight it's all about, you and I let's take our time, we got all night to get it right, we can do what we like ain't no crossing the lines tell me baby do you feel the vibe?


Script: Hey are you home? I need you to come over. I feel like I haven't seen you in a while. I think we need some quality time together, just you and I. So come over.

[Chorus 3x]

Show Me Love (Remake)

Produced by Classic Avenue Media Group. Written by Amber Austin and Nicole Mariee

Verse 1: Over and over again we fall into the cycles of calling, the monster within turning away from the love we were born to give, we don't show enough, enough of it, enough of it

Chorus: Show me, show me, show me, show me, all I need is love, show me, show me, show me, show me all I need is love

Verse 2: Somebody please show me love, in a world full of hate, Lord please show us the way despite our mistakes, evil twisted ways, I don't believe what I see on my tv screen just need somebody to...

Chorus 2x


Bridge; Everywhere around me, people dying everything around me is burning down but the flame in me is what keeps me on my knees all I need is for you to show me love

Chorus 2x